Brief introduction

Target identification and validation is crucial for drug discovery. Besides the disease relevance, successful drug targets generally have some common features different from other non-target proteins. Target prediction (i.e. predicting whether a protein is proper to be a target) based on characteristics of successful drug targets will help improve the efficiency and success rate of target selection.

Protein and peptide drugs, after decades of development have grown into a major drug class of the marketplace, and their research and development (R & D) and approval are constantly keeping hot and market share increasing steadily. Research indicates that target properties of protein and peptide drugs are significantly different from those of traditional, dominant small-molecule drugs.

POPPIT (Predictor Of Protein and PeptIde drugs’ therapeutic Targets) is the first web server for human genome-wide target prediction specially for protein and peptide drugs based on their respective features, and meanwhile provides various annotations (including >60 data fields) for the potential targets and their relevance to various diseases, aiming to improve efficiency and success rate of target selection.

POPPIT supports two simple workflows. In the first one, users start from this homepage to firstly do the target prediction and then can also further check predicted candidate targets' associated diseases. In the second one, users start with an interested disease from "Disease2Target" page and then do target estimation for proteins with relevance to the disease.

Please see Documents for more information.

1.Please input your protein (list)

Users can input human protein list represented by SwissProt_AC/SwissProt_ID (e.g. P04673 or P53_HUMAN) (!case-sensitive) or gene name/protein name (e.g. TP53 or cellular tumor antigen p53) (!case-insensitive). For the input type of SP_AC/SP_ID, multiple proteins can be supported. One human protein per line. For the input type of gene/protein name, only one protein each time is allowed!

2.Parameter setting

drug's targets

Please select drug type, for which the target prediction will be done. When “All” is selected, the target prediction results for protein and peptide drugs will be simultaneously given.


The proteins with target prediction scores >= score cutoff will be presented in the result table. Generally target prediction score>=1 indicates that there is evidence supporting the protein to be a target for a certain type of drug. More…

3.Now start to predict